Flat earthers organize a trip to the edge of the world, get lost and almost die: the classic story of a tragedy


The subject of flat earthers is a matter as strange as it is fascinating and delicate. In a world with enormous technological tools and artifacts like the James Webb Space Telescope up there in the sky, there are individuals with the firm belief that this planet is flat as a pizza.

Similar to how it happens among individuals who deny the scientific effectiveness of vaccines in favor of conspiracy theories of global control by political or extraterrestrial forces.

The evidence that contradicts this situation is considerable and to a large extent practically irrefutable under the most basic precepts of scientific reasoning. But sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Although sometimes the science itself that is rejected is the way used to try to sustain their beliefs or ultimately what saves their lives.

These are precisely the two elements that distinguish the history that we remember today:

The flat earthers who left everything to reach the edge of the world until they failed

Back in September 2020, this story originally published by News Beezer and other media, where they told us the story of a couple from Venice.

The names of the characters to date remain anonymous, but what did come out was their story.

Both people were convinced that the Earth was flat and wanted to get to the very edge of the world. So they sold everything they had, even their car, to take a trip to the sea of ​​the Pelagie Islands, near Lampedusa.

In this location, it is believed that it would be the edge of the world, near the Mediterranean. So taking advantage of the context of the pandemic and all the restrictions of his native country, they decided to embark to get there.

We revisit one of the most curious cases among flat earthers: the story of the couple who gave up everything to reach the edge of the world and almost died.

Everything began promisingly setting sail on a boat from Venice, but it didn’t take long for the couple to get lost in the outskirts of Sicily.

Three days after starting the adventure, both were rescued near the island of Ústica near the city of Palermo, where they were without food, thirsty and close to the shipwreck.

Dr. Salvatore Zichichi, a doctor from the Department of Maritime Health, was the one who found them and rescued them, highlighting the most ironic:

“They were guided by a compass, an instrument based on the principle of terrestrial magnetism that flat earthers precisely reject.”

In the end the couple was rescued before exposing their lives to mortal danger by the shipwreck. But they still violated multiple health regulations due to the isolation that she governed at that time.

The story has gone viral again two years after its origin.

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