Sailor Moon and her characters would look like this in real life according to this artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has grown at unimaginable pace in the last three decades. All in parallel that the love for manga and anime of the 80s and 90s have remained intact or have grown more than ever before. Just like it happens with sailor MoonSlam Dunk, Saint Seiya or Dragon Ball.

And sometimes, just sometimes, both fields intersect to give life to creations that in some cases look totally beyond our imagination.

The character designs of the above animations are distinctive with their unmistakable qualities. But in our youth all of us have at least once imagined what they would look like in real life.

Now, thanks to the existence of powerful artificial intelligence systems it’s possible get a very concrete and tangible idea of ​​what our favorite characters would look like if they were flesh and blood.

This would be the characters of Sailor Moon according to this AI

With a slow but steady pace, a video released by the Create with AI YouTube channel has gone viral, where an artificial intelligence system was fed with images from the Sailor Moon anime to generate from there a series of hyper-realistic portraits.

In the video, barely one minute and twelve seconds long, we see the main characters of this anime in a gallery sequence, showing the character’s original design for Japanese animation followed by its AI portrait:

This is how we found some admirable and noteworthy cases, reflecting on the way in which the platform resolved some of the most complicated points of character design.

There is the clear example of Usagi / Serena, here for her distinctive curls but also the arrangement of her hair that seemed impossible to transfer to the real world.

Sailor Mercury has a more sober design in her features and cut, but her blue eyes, short hair and harmonized blue color stand out.

Rei, Sailor Mars, does not look identical to her anime counterpart, but she does retain some admirable features, such as her purple eyes and long black hair.

Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, looks almost ordinary. Quite the opposite of Mina, Sailor Venus, who could well be considered the most impressive recreation of the gallery.

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It should be noted that this is not the only project where an Artificial Intelligence recreates the Sailor Moon characters to show us how they would look in real life.

In OpenSea For example, there is another extensive gallery where a different platform generates its own portraits of the characters with equally impressive results.

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