Russia presented what the model of its space station will look like


During the last few weeks, Russia has been planning several preparations for its future in terms of space exploration and research, and one of them is to disengage from the International Space Station (ISS) in the coming years. But this was not a decision taken lightly as it is backed by building your own space baseand it seems that the project is going fast since it was revealed what this great structure will look like.

This move makes it more apparent that the Soviet country wants to reduce its dependence on Western nations and go ahead on its own, or cooperate with countries like China and Iran, after various Western entities imposed sanctions as a result of the Ukraine invasion.

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Regarding this, Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, has decided to make a preview to the media and present some details of its space station, showing a model of what this large structure that will float above the Earth will look like.

According to The Guardian portal, Roscosmos explained in a statement that its space station would be released in two phases, but did not announce the dates. For the first would begin operating a four-module space station. It would be followed by two more modules and a service platform. That would be enough, when completed, to accommodate up to four cosmonauts and a science team.

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Although the Russian agency did not offer details regarding the dates on which this project will be carried out, several state media in the country have suggested that the launch of the first stage is planned for 2025, no later than 2030. For its part, the launch of the second and final stage is planned between 2030 and 2035.

NASA, which wants to keep the ISS operating until 2030, says it has not yet received official confirmation of Russia’s planned withdrawal and had previously understood that Moscow would continue to participate until 2028, although the time could be extended a bit longer depending on the situation. how fast they manage to finalize their space station.

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