Russia launches satellite into space and experts speculate what its controversial use will be


the future of Russia When it comes to space exploration and research, he has been uncertain for several weeks since he stated that he will detach himself from the International Space Station team in 2028 to continue his path independently. And it seems that he already started this process because launched a satellite into space from an Iranian station not associated with the ISS. And although it may seem normal, some experts speculate that it may be a controversial action.

The launch, which took off from the Baikonur facility in Kazakhstan, put the Khayyam satellite into orbit. And while this may seem like a pretty routine space operation as many other countries have done this “by chance”, it seems that Russia has a different plan.

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According to the Fox News portal, Iran claims that the satellite, named after a 12th-century Persian scientist, will be used to improve the country’s agricultural productivity through its high-resolution camera, this being a very practical use. for the country.

However, two Western security officials told the Washington Post last week that Moscow has informed Iran that it will use the high-resolution camera on the satellite to monitor military targets in Ukraine for “several months.”.

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Secondly, the satellite will eventually give Iran “unprecedented capabilities” to monitor sensitive facilities in Israel and other parts of the Middle Eastthe official told the newspaper, so that not only Russia benefits from this launch but also the country that facilitated the launch.

The launch also raises some eyebrows as it comes as cooperation in space between Russia and the West breaks down amid Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Yuri Borisov, the recently appointed head of the Russian state space corporation Roscosmos, said last month that Russia will leave the International Space Station within the next two years.

However, a new statement hinted that it is possible that the agreement extends until 2028 or until the country can build its own space station.

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