For this reason the Hubble telescope is still as useful as the James Webb.


During the last few weeks, the telescope james webb has captured a large number of interesting images that have caught the attention of scientists, astronomers and many fans of everything that has to do with space. However, the arrival of this new piece of technology it does not mean that NASA is putting aside the Hubble telescope that has been so useful in the past.

Although this new telescope marks a great advance in terms of technology that allows us to see other data that could not be detected through Hubble, but the truth is that it is still useful for many types of investigations, including some in which the James Webb would not be as effective.

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The first thing that many experts point out is that Hubble continues to have great merit today since without it there would be no images with which to compare the findings of NASA’s new “toy”.

“The entire research landscape is defined by what Hubble saw, and it left us speculating about what we might learn if we could see a little more.”Matt Caplan, a physics professor at Illinois State University, said in an interview with the Cnet portal.

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On the other hand, the astronomer at Cornell University, Nikole Lewis, commented that she was interested in Hubble since it has characteristics that James Webb does not have and that she needs for her research. And it is that she Nikole studies exoplanets and intends to use wavelengths of visible and ultraviolet light to decode clouds and mists of alien worlds, the type of light to which the novel model is not sensitive.

Hubble also remains the leading candidate for examining galaxies moving along the X or Y axis, rather than the Z axis. “While galactic motion ‘towards’ and ‘away’ from Earth is very easy to measure with redshift”a specialty of the James Web, “the ‘side to side’ movement is more difficult”Caplan concluded.

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