Point Nemo, spaceship graveyard: where is this place and what is its importance for the Earth?


If you want to get away from the rest of the world, Point Nemo it’s your place No jokes, this place has become a spaceship graveyard of the POT and other agencies, due to its location on our planet, far from inhabited places, thus avoiding any danger when objects re-enter the Earth.

Where is Point Nemo?

In the Pacific Ocean, specifically in coordinates 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W.

Widespread image of a meteor entering Earth.

As he explains NOAA Ocean Service, the closest coasts are 2,688 kilometers away: they correspond to places like Ducie Island, part of the Pitcairn Islands, to the north; Moto Nui, one of the Easter Islands, to the northeast; and Maher Island, part of Antarctica, to the south.

The origins of the most remote area of ​​planet Earth

In Latin, “Nemo” means “None”, and is the name of the famous captain of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870), the fundamental work of Jules Verne, as well as The Mysterious Island (1875).

This area was first calculated by the Croatian-Canadian engineer and surveyor Hrboje Lukatela, using computer software to give a numerical resolution of about 1 mm. It did so based on data from the Digital Chart of the World, compiled by the United States Defense Mapping Agency, today known as National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

It is located in the Pacific Ocean, specifically at coordinates 48°52.6'S 123°23.6'W.

NASA and other space agencies they crash their devices in that area: satellites, stations, ships out of service. To get to Point Nemo, the trip can only be made by boat, taking up to two weeks to complete.

Who are the humans who pass the closest by the site? The astronauts of the International Space Station, that may be 415 kilometers above it.

Point Nemo is not the only pole of inaccessibility on Earth: know others

Interesting Engineering highlights that Punto Nemo is also known as an oceanic pole of inaccessibility, a name that corresponds to a site that is difficult to access on our planet. Nemo is not the only one, there are others, and they are:

The North and South Poles

  • The North Pole of inaccessibility, in the ice floe of the Arctic Ocean, about 1,008 kilometers from Ellesmere Island (Canada), Henrietta Island (East Siberian Sea) and the Arctic Cape (in Russia).
  • The South Pole of inaccessibility, in the former USSR research station in Antarctica, about 878 kilometers from the South Pole.

The continental poles of inaccessibility

  • A point in northwestern China, near the border of Kazakhstan.
  • Another near the city of Obo, in the Central African Republic, 1,814 kilometers from the coast.
  • A point on the Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota, about 11 kilometers from the city of Allen and 1,650 kilometers from the nearest coast.
  • A point near Arenapolis, in Brazil, 1,504 kilometers from the nearest coast.
  • And two points near Papunya, in Australia, 920 kilometers from the nearest coast.
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