Artemis 1 launch ticket sales crashed a website


It seems that space fans are becoming more vocal, especially when it comes to a big event like the launch of the program’s first mission. Artemis. This was in evidence as the website that sold tickets to witness the event up close quickly crashed due to the massive traffic of people who tried to get a position.

The launch of the rocket will take place on August 29, but since last Tuesday tickets began to be sold through the website of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. But the demand was so high that it couldn’t handle the traffic, causing the servers to crash and leaving several space fans desperate for their place at the event.

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However, a “quick fix” implemented by the website team allowed the resort to sell out two of the three batches of tickets within 2.5 hours of ticket sales opening.

“This is a historic mission, and there was significant traffic to the website when tickets became available at 11 a.m. on August 2”Rebecca Burgman, a spokeswoman for the Visitors Complex, told Florida Today. “There were initial delays with the ticketing site that our team was able to quickly address”.

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This mission aims to launch the Orion spacecraft without a crew on a mission of approximately 26 days, during which it will spend six of them orbiting the Moon before returning to Earth, this being a pilot test to later do the same with a human crew. But this great event has caught the attention of many space fans who want to witness the lift-off, either from the launch site or other nearby places.

“Many beachside hotels are already booked to see the launch of the Artemis, but there are still rooms available”Peter Cranis, executive director of the Florida Space Coast Tourism Office, told Space.

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