Perseid meteor shower would be overshadowed by Sturgeon Supermoon: day and time to see the astronomical phenomenon


A meteor shower is defined as a celestial event in which people can observe the irradiation of various meteors from one point in the night sky. Those that are present between the months of June and August They are known as Perseids.

Every year these phenomena are observable with the naked eye, but this year’s has the peculiarity that will coincide with the appearance of the Sturgeon Supermoonwhich will peak tonight at 9:36pm.

So if you are fans of astronomical events then you have this Thursday to see the last Supermoon of the year and Tomorrow, August 12, you will be able to witness the Perseid Meteor Shower.

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“Unfortunately, the fact that there is a bright full moon at the same time will tarnish the show. You may be able to see 10 to 20 meteors per hour during the peak, down from the 50 to 60 per hour visible in a year without a full moon”, reported the US space agency.

What time can you see the Perseid Meteor Shower 2022?

Specialized institutions point out that It is difficult to predict the exact time that this astronomical phenomenon will appear because the meteors and their frequency can vary very quickly. Therefore, it is best to arm yourself with patience, locate yourself in a quiet and remote place, avoid the direct light projected by the Moon and look calmly at the sky.

The Perseids are named after the constellation Perseus, where their radiant is located, but have their origin in the comet Swift-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1862and that, with an approximate size of 26 kilometers in diameter, it is the largest object that periodically approaches Earth, says NASA.

As the full Moon decreases, the Perseids will begin to wane on August 21-22 and will cease completely on September 1.

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