Dragon Ball: Goku has an illegitimate child? This is the story of Xicor


dragon ball It has the peculiarity of being a story without many backgrounds or dramas. The thing here is simple: there are some guys who love to fight and constantly train to get stronger. Villains always appear with a higher level and thus, at the point of transformations, they surpass themselves.

Social encounters are also simple. Beyond the possible love trio that could be generated between Yamcha, Bulma and Vegeta or the multiple relationships that Krillin had, there is not much to highlight either. Akira Toriyama is not very aware of these issues.

That is why it is a surprise for everyone when the name of Xicor, a son of Goku without Chichi. Where does this “bastard” of the Saiyan raised on Earth come from?

We are going to explain it to you, for those who do not know clearly, clear that doubt and thus they can continue to have Goku as one of the best people in the world.

Xicor: Goku’s son

First of all, let’s clarify the following: Xicor is not canon. The characters are part of a story made by fanarts called Dragon Ball AF, very popular in the Dragon Ball fandom.

In fact, specialized media highlight that Toyotaro participated in Dragon Ball AF, before being the maximum illustrator of Akira Toriyama’s work.

Goku had an illegitimate child? What happens to these writers? Let’s not judge them, the reality is that Xicor, antagonist of Dragon Ball AF, is born from a madness of the Supreme Kaiosama of the West.

The deity in Dragon Ball took Goku’s DNA and mixed it with that of Lila, twin sister of this Kaioshin.

So the result is an impressively powerful warrior capable of defeating almost any warrior who stands in front of him. He is arrogant and detests almost all living things; he only respects his “father” Goku, as he regards him as a mighty warrior.

Xicor is half God and half Saiyan. He is a mix that elevates him to similar levels as Bills or Whis.

Goku's illegitimate son

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