Parallels Desktop 18 allows you to install Windows 11 in a Mac at the click of a button


Parallels is well designed for its virtualization software that allows it to affect owners of Apple computers. ejecting from Windows to macOS (or in other platforms like Chrome OS). Ya fue el primer software de virtualizacion que llegó al mercado para suportar la arquitectura x86 de Intel cuando Apple abandonó PowerPC y ahora la nueva versión Parallels Desktop 18 jora su funcionamiento en los nuevos mac computers con chips personalized ARM.

You have said that virtualization is an ideal method for considering software and it is especially important to offer the possibility of installing Windows 11 in x86 architectures with various free applications. En los nuevos Mac con ARM no es tan sencillo. El último operating system de Microsoft no fue soportado officialmente por Apple y parecía dejar dejar de juego a los usuarios que -por gusto o por necesidad- también install Windows en su Mac.

Parallels Desktop 18

Parallels has announced that it supports Windows 11 and has presented a new version that will improve the execution in various apartados such as:

  • Installation of Windows 11. Parallels Desktop 18 has the ability to download, install and configure Windows 11 with just one click. Also, the application can download a free set of Linux distributions listed for use.
  • Windows games on Mac. Users can use an Xbox or DualShock compatible Mac controller, start Parallels Desktop 18 and start playing. The improvement in performance also resulted in a higher FPS and a smoother Windows user interface.
  • Performance in M1 Ultra. The version includes optimizations and performance improvements in all Apple Silicon equipment, especially in the M1 Ultra that practically duplicates the Windows 11 release compared to the previous version.
  • USB 3.0. Parallels has improved compatibility with USB ports and access to external transmission devices, such as Elgato HD60, Startech USB 3.0 Video Capture and others.
  • Applications x86. The x86 applications that run in Windows 11 in ARM will benefit from improvements in compatibility and performance, especially to guard and save files from the SSD of the Mac.

Other improvements in Parallels Desktop 18 include ProMotion pants from Apple, improvements to redes apartado, optimizations for the próximo macOS 13 Ventura and other things that may not be in this version update.

Parallels Desktop 18 is available in various versions for domestic users, desarrolladores u otros entornos profesionales, desde 99 euros including a trial version of prueba. If this is an alternative, no tan advanced, completely free, you can test the latest version beta of the Fusion of WMware that recently introduced the compatibility with the virtual TPM and improved the compatibility with Windows 11.

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