Headless chicken did not stop moving for 18 months. How did it survive?


As miraculous and surprising, that’s how it was described a headless hen that after 18 years he continued to make movements that denoted that he was alive. Not only was this a source of surprise to its owners, American farmers Lloyd and Clara Olsen, but it was also the subject of intense study and investigation.

all of it occurred on September 10, 1945 in a farmhouse in Colorado, United States, There, the owners of the farm and the caretakers of the animals were preparing to transfer the animals that had already been slaughtered to take them to the market where they would be bought. But, to their surprise, Mike, as this miracle was “baptized”, began to make movements from one side to the other in which he showed that he was not completely dead, that he was still alive and that, in short, he had something “special” .

Nevertheless, Despite the shock that her owners experienced, they decided to include her in the group of hens that would be for sale, but after seeing the reaction of the inhabitants, they decided to stay with her and even live off the stardom that this headless being that was still alive gave them.

Story of the decapitated chicken that survived almost a year

Once “this phenomenon” became popular, there was no one who was not interested in learning about this experience up close, which is why countless media outlets and journalists reviewed this surprising story. They even witnessed how their owners they fed this hen with liquid food and water that they gave him with a dropper and that he was visibly digested by the esophagus, but since they had to be very careful not to drown him, they cleaned his mucus with a syringe.

The care was increasing, above all, because Mike was taken to fairs, television programs and all kinds of top shows in which it was shown how it was a reality that a being without a head I could stay alive for so long. Given his exaggerated exposure to the media, a series of studies and investigations followed.

Research that was done on the decapitated chicken

Scientists at the University of Utah they did not hesitate to carry out experiments in which they sacrificed several species of this type and the result was not flattering at all, none reacted like Mike. After that, Dr. Wayne J. Kuenzel published a study on the University of Arkansas websitein which he explained with certainty what was really happening with this strange case.

“Because the brain is at that angle, it still has the functional part that is so critical for survival intact. The moment you separate the brain from the neck, just like in humans, you’ll get tremendous limb movement.”, with this Wayne assumes why this decapitated chicken could still move, since the skull of chickens or hens contains two openings that allow the brain to be pushed inside the head. Therefore, they can be decapitated and continue to function without problems.

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