THE MUMMY? They open the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian general and find the Book of the Dead


In the late nineties, brendan fraser Y Rachel Weiss they popularized archaeological research throughout the world through “The Mummy”; a film directed by Stephen Sommers which showed how a group of researchers desecrated tombs in the deep areas of Cairo, in Egypt, in search of The Book of the Dead and a treasure that would make them millionaires.

Most met death, after suffering the curse of Imhotepprecisely the mummy that the actor played Arnold Vosloo. The story of the successful film, which had a good sequel and a not so attractive third part, was based on real excavations carried out by archaeologists.

The real life difference from the movie is that each discovery, no matter how simple a ceramic jar, is actually a true treasure to nurture the history of mankind. However, recently there was a find that comes very close to what was shown in the movie that Fraser and Weisz starred in 1999.

According to what the History portal reviews, a scientific team found the secret tomb of an Ancient Egyptian general in which there were, among other items, the Book of the Dead that has inscriptions of the resurrection of the military man and his journey to the beyond.

The site of the Ancient Egyptian general's find.

The Book of the Dead from “The Mummy”

The team of experts belongs to the Institute Czech of Egyptology from Charle Universitys, which is based in Prague. They found the sarcophagus of Wahibre-mery-Neithquewho according to archaeologists led a group of foreign mercenaries in the 5th century BC (BC).

That they have discovered a sarcophagus of a military man from Ancient Egypt is already a fact to highlight. However, the fact that the Book of the Dead has been found and the details that it represents raises how epic this expedition was, since it certifies many theories about the Egyptian belief of the time.

In addition to the tomb, in its surroundings there were two wooden boxes full of crafts from the time. Highlights include “402 clay figures, alabaster jugs, 10 cups and a piece of limestone pottery, known as an ‘óstracon’, which was inscribed with religious texts,” History reported.

The jars.  The site of the Ancient Egyptian general's find.

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