New Indian rocket presented flaws in its first space mission


More and more nations are joining the world of space exploration and the use of technological resources to further research and develop more details regarding their country, and one of the new additions is India. Nevertheless, his most recent foray into space ended in failure due to a minor glitch with a new rocket.

The launch carried out last Saturday, August 6, ended up being classified as a failed mission by the Indian Space Research Organization due to a malfunction with one of the sensors. This caused that the satellites that were on board could not be left in orbit.

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According to the Space portal, at first everything seemed to go according to plan regarding the launch. However, it seems that a problem with the fuel and a sensor it was what ended up complicating the ascent of the Indian rocket.

“The rocket’s three solid-fuel stages performed well, but its fourth and final stage, a liquid-fuel ‘speed adjustment module,’ hit a snag: Indian Space Research Organization officials reported a loss of data from the rocket and, just over five hours after liftoff, the agency announced that the mission had the web portal.

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The fact that the mission was classified as failed is based on the fact that the rocket left the two satellites in the wrong orbit. “The satellites were placed in an elliptical orbit instead of a circular orbit”Said the chairman of the Indian space agency. He also stated that this orbit was not stable and that satellites are no longer usable.

“What we’re going to do now is identify this specific problem and why this isolation occurred and why it went into an unacceptable orbit. We couldn’t see any other abnormalities. All the other new elements that have been incorporated into this rocket worked very well”he concluded.

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