They find a decapitated mummy in the attic of a house in the United Kingdom: How did it get there?


Imagine going up to the attic or utility room of your house and finding out of nowhere a decapitated mummy. Not even the filmmakers in Hollywood came up with such a script. But in real life, it happened in the uk.

This strange event was recorded in the English town of Kent, alarming British scientists who began an investigation to answer the question: How did a decapitated mummy get into an attic?

Researchers from Christ Church University of Canterbury led this study, cited in a report on the Gizmodo website, and by performing a CT scan, they were able to determine that the mummy was a woman who lived at least 2,000 years ago.

How did the mummy get into a house in England?

From their data, experts believe that someone moved the mummy from Egypt to Europe as a souvenir in the 19th century. A disturbing memory.

The tomography also yielded details about the woman, of adulthood and was being put on a strict diet that wore down her teethalthough his tongue was well preserved.

Something that surprised the scientists was that in the left nostril of the mummy and in the spinal canal they found a strange tube of unknown material. Also, his brain was removed during mummification.

An image of the mummy's head found.

James Elliott, professor of diagnostic radiography at Canterbury Christ Church University, spoke about it: “During the Victorian era, items like this were often brought back from Egypt as souvenirs and may well have been passed down from generation to generation to the person who owned them.”.

The scan provides a large amount of information, from dental status, pathologies, conservation method, as well as estimates of age and sex”, adds the expert.

For his part, Craig Bowen, from the Canterbury Museum, told details about the find: “The head was found by a man who inherited it from his brother. The brother is believed to have obtained it from a ‘Dr. Coates’ sometime in the early or mid-20th century, but we don’t have any more details than that.”

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