Why does the Amazon River look like an intense golden line from space?


One of the natural wonders that we have in the world is found in our continent: the Amazon River. It is the longest and mightiest on the planet and crosses three South American countries: Peru, Colombia and Brazil. And at night, when seen from space, it appears as an intense golden line.

The meanders of the Amazon are clearly marked despite the lack of light around them. That intense gold that can be seen in the image seems to be something prepared by humans with technology.

However, this image has no incidence of human beings anywhere. This is quite a natural spectacle we can enjoy thanks to NASA satellites that constantly monitor the planet’s climate.

The Amazon River is 100 kilometers longer than the Nile. In addition, the flow crosses almost the entire jungle, registering more water than any other water reservoir of this type in the entire world.

The gold of the Amazon River

It is not gold and neither is it any precious stone that this river may have in its depths. What happens with the Amazon is that it belongs to the so-called yellow rivers.

The flows that are identified with this color is due to the fact that they register low sediments. In the same way, the amount of algae that they have inside their land is low and therefore, it does not allow the water to be seen in blue as it happens with other freshwater reservoirs on the planet.

Many Internet users compare the images you share Science and More with one of the same snakes that also abound in the jungle regions of the Amazon in any of the three countries it crosses.

Something that also stands out from the river are the meanders, a form in which it is called pronounced and constant curves in rivers.

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