Sustainable extraction: how solar energy has impacted mining


According to a study by the UC Extension Center, the scenario of decarbonization by 2030, would achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions of the order of 30 million tons per yearby replacing the 3,600 MW of average coal-fired power generation with renewable generation technologies: solar photovoltaic, wind, solar photovoltaic with storage (batteries), solar thermal concentration and/or storage, among others.

Today mining 2.0 must strategically move towards greater use of clean energy, robotics and digital transformation. And above all, promote the transition towards the circular economy of its supplierssince there is consensus that these are a key link to curb carbon emissions and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Crescent Dunes

The role of sustainable energy

In this sense, the circular economy acquires a preponderant role in the photovoltaic energy sector and the manufacture of structures for solar panels. Thanks to its main actions, the own production of the electricity consumed in its facilities contributes to savingsand a highly versatile technology, making it useful for feeding large industries.

“One of the key tools for decontamination is the integration of renewable energies in the processes of structure the execution of goods and serviceswhere a transition to a circular economy must be made,” says Jordan Butler, CEO of Cleanlight, a Chilean company specializing in clean energy hardware.


“For example, move from electricity towers in mining that use traditional solutions based on diesel or other types of fossil fuelsto towers that are powered by solar energy, which contributes to significant savings, even a breather for the environment in the short, medium and long term”, he adds.

According to a report prepared by the Technological Center for Circular Economy (CircularTec) of Chile “The arrival of the circular economy in primary mining in Chile, Peru and Colombia”, the focus is on the implementation of the circular economy in mining.

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