The ways in which alien life on Mars would “hide” from scientists


For several years, scientists have been trying to find evidence that life exists somewhere in space. And while they haven’t come to anything conclusive so far, a group of experts focused on Mars speculates that extraterrestrial life forms could be hiding not far from the surface of this planet.

A recent study indicated that below its surface there may be some form of life that is “hiding” from scientists. That’s because any amino acid evidence left over from a time when Mars may have been habitable is likely buried at least six feet underground.

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These amino acids are a key component in building proteins essential for life. But because Mars lacks a magnetic field, its surface is subject to a large amount of cosmic radiation that destroys amino acids. Nevertheless, under it there may be some signs that can lead experts to new theories.

“Our results suggest that amino acids are destroyed by cosmic rays in Martian surface rocks at much faster rates than previously thought.”said Alexander Pavlov of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “Current Mars rover missions go deep by about two inches (about five centimeters)”.

In this regard, scientists seek to give a new approach to research on Mars, with many of them considering using new rovers to drill faster and deeper into the planet’s surface.

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Life could be undetectable to the naked eye

Although we cannot see it, it does not mean that there is no life on Mars. And it is that as NASA scientist Moogega Cooper commented, these could be present in another way. “Did there used to be water on Mars? Yes. Does Mars have any interesting chemistry that could have harbored or sustained life? Yes”assured the expert.

In this regard, he noted that microbes on Earth can exist in extremely harsh environments and the same could be said for Marsso it does not rule out that this type of life is found on the red planet in some way.

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