NASA wants to transform several satellites into “UFO hunters”


Scientists have been very interested in trying to discover if extraterrestrial life exists in some other corner of the universe, striving more and more to find some evidence not only on a planet but anywhere in space. And in a new move to bolster their research, the POT will use some satellites that are already in orbit to also function as “UFO hunters”so that more artifacts work to search for new life outside of Earth.

The plan of the US space agency is to use part of the equipment that is already in space so that it not only fulfills its original function but can also become machines that can detect suspicious activities to examine “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

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This initiative isn’t scheduled to start until later this year, but team experts are already hatching big plans for repurposing technology that’s already orbiting our solar system.

“This team is going to be looking at questions like, ‘Do we have sensors that can see things, you know, take another look at the evidence?'”said Pam Melroy, NASA deputy administrator. “One of the big questions is, ‘We have a ton of satellites looking at Earth, are any of them useful?'”.

Melroy also explained that this will serve to better manage the resources that are both on Earth and in space, commenting that if those found in orbit are useful, those that can be created on our planet can be used for other purposes.

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According to The Sun portal, NASA revealed its plans for the study of unidentified aerial phenomena in June, commenting that the focal points will include identifying available data, best practices for collecting future data, and how to use it to advance the science of unexplained sightings.

In addition, he showed that this project is not only intended to discover if there is life in space but also to reinforce security data regarding airspace.

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