What will the Earth be like in its final stage? Two scientists answer: it will have the surface of Mars and the atmosphere of Venus


life in the Land It has an expiration date, billions of years from now. What we see today on Mars and Venus will be the landscape of our planet in a long, long time. It is inevitable, and the scenario is described by two scientists in a shocking book.

Geologist Peter Ward and astronomer Donald Brownlee wrote the book The life and death of planet Earth: how the new science of astrobiology charts the ultimate fate of our worldwhere they deal with the subject.

There is no sensationalism, no exaggeration: it is pure and hard science. It is to analyze how our planet has evolved and to what extent this change will reach, until the end of resources, as we have said, in billions of years.

He describes the book in his abstract:

“Combining your knowledge of how our planet’s critical support systems evolve over time with your understanding of how stars and solar systems grow and change Through their own life cycles, the authors tell the story of the second half of Earth’s life.”

The description of the Earth in billions of years

What will the Earth be like? We follow what was said by Ward and Brownlee in their book, translated by the magazine Very interesting. First, a new Ice Age will arrive, within ten thousand years, where humans will live in a colder and drier world, without forests or jungles, with winds at 200 kilometers per hour.

Difficulty finding food will lead human beings to death.

After 250 million years, when the continents come together again in Pangea Ultima, there will be hot summers and increasingly cold winters.

Photosynthesis will be lost, due to the lack of carbon dioxide. 95% of plant species will be about to become extinct within 500 million years.

The little animal life that remains will migrate towards the poles, since in the Equator nothing will survive, with temperatures above 40 ° C. When the planet reaches 50°C, almost all life on land will disappear.

The last to survive will be those who live in the sea, but they will be fewer and fewer.

According to the study by Ward and Brownlee, within 1.2 billion years the temperature on Earth will be about 70°C, with carbon dioxide almost entirely gone.

Earth will eventually become a planet rusty like Mars, with an atmosphere of sulfuric acid clouds, like Venus. The apocalypse come true, but without eternal life for the victors: only death will dominate our planet.

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