Psychonutrition: this is what science says about its importance


Pandemic, stress, a thousand factors. Being more anxious leads to a greater tendency to overeat. This is why, in addition to sports, there are beneficial options to carry out a good diet as a key tool to combat it. According to the International Center for Nutrition, Julia Farré “the psychonutrition either Food Psychologyit is the science that study our relationship with food. In order to explain and address this relationship, the Nutrition Psychology takes into account our emotions, behaviorsas well as our Social context and relationships”.

Science defines it as a psychological aspect, which not only tries to give answers to eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, vigorexia…). But it also makes room for those difficulties that are difficult to diagnose, but not for that, they are less important or generate less discomfort in people.

Here we would include binge eatingthe Bingethe food anxiety, rejection of the body, chronic diets… and other difficulties related to food and our body.

emotion and nutrition

“The relationship between emotions and nutrition shows us that in times of emotional instability we consume more fatty and/or high-sugar foods, which affects our weight control and mainly our health. We talk about emotional eating when eating is used to calm the emotional state, that’s why we have to follow the advice of nutritionists to avoid exposing our body”, says Josefina Díaz Nutritionist of Ssano, Specialist in Psychonutrition.

When feelings cloud or control us, the mind looks for channels to express that something is not right through the compulsion to eat, the inability to lose or gain weight, lack of appetite or any other eating disorder.

What can be done?

This is why it is necessary to have nutritional support to be able to regulate our body. Sebastián Echeverría, CEO of, a platform that seeks to support people by providing a complete online nutritionist system, assures that “we realized how complex it is to eat healthy. From this logic, we seek to deliver nutritional telemedicine with experts and a complete healthy store, in order to achieve the goal of eating properly, understanding the little time that people have available today.”

Fabiola Kell, a child and adolescent psychologist, warns that “it is necessary to diagnose the situation in a timely manner, before compulsive eating becomes a habit. This is especially important in children and adolescents. What can be done? Be attentive to signs, such as eating at the wrong time, feeling hungry despite having eaten, among other behaviors that are out of the ordinary.

olluquito with charqui

“Science highlights psychonutrition as vital: an accurate diagnosis can save us from eating disorders, but also from bad habits such as binge eating, chronic diets and more,” adds the UC psychologist.

The most obese in Latin America are Chileans

According to data published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), they show that 74% of the adult population in Chile is overweight or obese. This places Chile in the OECD country with the highest rate of obesity and overweight, above Mexico (72.5%) and the United States (71%).

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