Japanese develop structure with artificial gravity that would make life possible in space


For several years, scientists have seen the possibility of inhabiting other planets in our solar system, with many projects working on this. And while the idea may seem far off, Some scientists are already working on different aspects in order to make life in the space outside can be a realityas a group of Japanese who are developing what may be the architectural landscape of the future.

Kyoto University and Kajima Construction are joining forces to build a massive structure powered by artificial gravity that can remain stable in the harsh conditions of outer space so that celestial bodies such as Mars and the Moon can be inhabited.

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As could be seen in a video presented at a press conference on July 6, this project would deal with a cylindrical structure that It will have green areas, bodies of water, public transport and an open skyso that it resembles the lifestyle on Earth.

According to the Design Boom portal, the first questions during the presentation event were monopolized by how the low gravity of celestial bodies would be controlled. And precisely this is the key point of the Japanese project, since its development revolves around artificial gravity.

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“We consider an artificial gravity facility that can generate gravity equivalent to the global environment by using centrifugal force due to rotation in space and the surface of the Moon and Mars, becoming the core technology for human beings to grow in spacedetailed the team, also adding that in this way one of the greatest concerns of experts in relation to human development far from Earth would be eliminated.

In addition to the subject of gravity, the Japanese teams have also focused on ways to guarantee air, water, food and energy, which are the basic elements for any life form to survive, ensuring that the structure can have everything you need to create a habitable environment in outer space in a renewable way.

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