China could “fortify” the Moon to avoid asteroids: it would use two telescopes and three satellites with kinetic weapons


China plans to turn the Moon into an outpost to defend Earth from asteroids, according with statements from scientific officials of the country. Two optical telescopes, one at the north pole and one at the south of the Moon, and three satellites prepared in their orbit, would be built by China.

The purpose is to prevent the crash of some asteroid against the planet.

WuWeiren, chief designer of China’s Lunar Exploration Program, explained in an article for Scientia SINICA Informationis magazine that the plan includes putting three guardian satellites with fuel and kinetic weapons into orbit of the Moon.

The proposed roadmap for the Moon to be an outpost

The South China Morning Post sheds more light on the idea of ​​Chinese scientific officials.

“When the system detects a surprise visitor with the potential to cause severe damage, it sends one or all of the Guardian satellites to intercept the asteroid with only a week’s notice, faster than any large rocket launched from Earth,” the newspaper notes, citing government scientists.

Wu and his colleagues indicate that the outpost will intercept incoming asteroids from all directions, forming “a circle of defense about twice the distance between the Moon and Earth, about 800 thousand kilometers.”

It is noteworthy that the lunar defense line so far is a proposal of government scientists, but has not been approved by the government.

The astrophysicists point out that “although the possibility of an extinction-level impact remains low, about 60% of asteroids large enough to destroy a country were not recorded or tracked by humans.”

China and the United States, in tensions over the Asian program of the Moon

The idea is published in a year where the NASA accused China of trying to “hog” the Moon, declaring it your property.

Bill Nelson, administrator of the North American aerospace agency, noted in an interview with Bild: “We should be very concerned that China lands on the moon and says, ‘Now it’s ours and you guys stay out of it.’ There is a new space race, this time against China.”

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, responded: “Some US officials are constantly smearing China’s normal and reasonable space commitments. China firmly opposes such irresponsible remarks.”

“As the head of NASA, (Bill Nelson) must be aware of the dark history of the US space program,” the Chinese official stressed.

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