A NASA telescope was damaged by a space rock, but continues with its photographic work


It can happen and it did, however, the first blows suffered by the James Webb telescope had not indicated serious and severe damage. Now, the same NASA confirmed that a new hit by a space rock caused important and irreparable consequences and until now the negative effects in the future cannot be known exactly.

The first reports warn that the recent impact damaged its primary mirror. “The micrometeorite that hit segment C3 caused a significant uncorrectable change in its operation,” the researchers and specialists from the special agency reported. Despite the severity of the blow, only a small portion of the satellite area was affected and the damage being only to one of the panels, it was confirmed that it will not harm the imaging capacity of the largest and most powerful telescope at all. from NASA.

The satellite’s engineers have advised that its mirrors and solar shield will inevitably slowly degrade from further impacts expected to occur in the future and during the lifetime of the telescope. These hits are difficult to avoid and are within NASA’s calculations.

james webb

The famous telescope and one of NASA’s best weapons to photograph the details of space, was built jointly by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency ( CSA). The device has a technology specially designed to observe phenomena and events in space previously inaccessible to humans. For the telescope to fulfill this ambition, it needs to remain operational for years.

The James Webb Telescope is named after lawyer and pilot, James Webb, a NASA administrator during the 1960s. NASA confirmed that it had already reached L2 (scientifically its highest viewing point) in January of these 2022 and four months later, it found its alignment to start operating. That site is 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, and is the scene of hostile meteorological phenomena that can cause damage to ships and instruments.

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