Study: Gamers have a higher cognitive capacity than those who do not play video games


Researchers at Georgia State University in Atlanta, United States, conducted a new study that ensures that the gamers have a higher cognitive ability than people who do not play video game.

Research explains that frequent gamers they also show a higher capacity when making sensorimotor decisions and greater activity in specific regions of the braincomparing them with those who do not usually take a control.

Mukesh Dhamala, lead author of the study published in Science Direct and quoted in the Computer Hoy website report, spoke about the analysis: “The vast majority of our young people play video games more than three hours a week, but its beneficial effects on decision-making ability and the brain are not exactly known.”

The study had 47 participants

Some 47 college-age people participated in the research, 28 of whom were classified as gamers and 19 as non-gamers.

They all received an MRI machine in which, on a screen, they would see a series of dots move from one side to the other. In addition, in each of their hands they had a button that they had to press depending on the direction in which that point moved.

The results showed that video game players were faster and more accurate in their responses and subsequent brain scans confirmed that this was due to increased activity in certain areas of the brain.

The study argued that no trade-off was found between response speed and accuracy, as gamers were better at both.

The authors added: “These results indicate that playing a video game can enhance several of the threads of sensation, perception and assignment to action to improve decision-making capacity.

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