NASA: The Perseverance rover finds some “spaghetti” on Mars


since the rover perseverance of the POT landed in the Jezero Crater on Mars in February 2021, has been exploring the surface of the red planet and discovered very interesting things, like some “spaghetti”.

It sounds very strange that some pasta has reached Martian territory, especially since man has not and nobody believes that aliens are lovers of Italian food.. But a photo of Percy has been able to confuse the experts.

According to a report on the Gizmodo website, on July 12, the Perseverance’s front camera, used to avoid danger, captured an image of a “martian tumbleweed”, but to the naked eye they look like remnants of garbage.

The report adds that a spokesman for the US space agency reported in an email that the object must be some debris from the mission, but it is not clear what exactly it is.

What are these “spaghetti”?

This harmless “spaghetti” dish They’re just tangled strings. This, more than being something curious, generates concern about the garbage or contamination that the different missions on the fourth planet of the solar system may be causing.

NASA and other space agencies decontaminate spacecraft before sending them on missions to prevent the spread of terrestrial microbes into space, but when spacecraft or rovers land, they can leave behind debris, such as tangled ropes.

This is not the first time Perseverance has revealed strange objects on Mars. In June, she found a piece of the rover’s thermal blanket wedged between a rock formation.

In addition, Percy has been key to discovering other mysteries on the second smallest planet in the solar system, such as the fact that it is impossible for humans to communicate on it, since sound travels much slower than on Earth, which It makes it hard to talk to another person.

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