Mjölnir with artificial intelligence: The Hacksmith made Thor’s hammer fly to his hand


There is nothing that The Hacksmith cannot do: from Marvel to real life, there are several elements adapted by the engineer and youtuber. The most recent, the Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer.

Using artificial intelligence, The Hacksmith (nickname for James Hobson) and his companions managed to make the weapon obey them.

In general terms, the group used a PlayStation controller to summon the hammer through a cable system. But, after seeing that they needed a kind of autopilot program, they opted for another solution.

The Hacksmith and his companions searched the ZED 2 stereo camera, with neural networks to reproduce human vision. After setting it up, they adjusted the algorithms so that anyone who raised their hand could summon Mjölnir.

The camera would follow the person, but initially the hammer hit random body parts, instead of flying directly at the raised hand.

With further adjustments, and after 27 attempts, they got the necessary algorithm so that, like Thor in the Marvel movies, When you raise your hand, the hammer will reach the hand of the one who invokes it.

The power of artificial intelligence in Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer

“This hammer’s power comes not from the heart of a dying star or Odin’s blessing,” notes The Hacksmith, “but from two 12V LiPo batteries held inside the hammer’s head with hot glue.”

“The circuit is also packaged inside the head and the surface of the electromagnet pokes through the top of the plastic hammer, to create a magnetic bond,” emphasizes the engineer and youtuber.

Everything can be seen in a video uploaded by Hobson to YouTube, belonging to season 1, episode 8, which has more than 121 thousand thumbs up.

The YouTube channel of The Hacksmith (now Hacksmith Industries) It already has 12.7 million subscribers, and shows such cool elements as a lightsaber, Iron Man’s helmet or Captain America’s shield, as well as various experiments between them.

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