MIT is trying to build a time machine to detect dark matter


The physicists of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have created a time reversal machine that can measure the vibration of atoms, which could lead to detecting dark matter.

According to a report from BGR, the vibrations between atoms contain a lot of information. The interest of scientists is to discover how to accurately measure those vibrations and how they change over time.

This new machine from MIT has that goal. You can’t reverse time in the normal sense of allowing people to time travel. However, what you can do is manipulate entangled atoms in a way that makes them evolve backwards in time.

SATIN technique

The technique used by the researchers is that of signal amplification through time inversion, or simply SATIN. It consists of improving the precision of atomic clocks, making them more precise.

The study published in the journal Nature shows how the time reversal machine makes it possible to bypass what we know as the standard quantum limit, in other words, the actual oscillation of the atom. But it can be hard to measure that sort of thing at the scale of a single atom.

Using state-of-the-art atomic clocks, physicists measure the oscillations of thousands of ultracold atoms. They do this multiple times, which increases your chances of accurately measuring the oscillations. To improve the process, the MIT physicists used the time reversal machine.

Machine allowed them to copy the evolution of the atom in another atom, devolving an atom, forcing it to return to its initial state. Then, they took one of the atoms and forced it to stop evolving.

This essentially acted as a time reversal mechanism for the second atom, showing them all the evolutions the atom had made as it transformed back to its initial state. By measuring the difference between phases, they found a quantum change somewhere in the evolution of the atom.

Physicists hope to be able to use this same technique in quantum sensors to help search for evidence of dark matter and other phenomena, such as gravitational waves.

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