The Pillars of Creation: a stellar event destroyed 6,000 years ago that Hubble can still continue to photograph


The universe is an infinite reservoir of wonders that await our civilization to be discovered. Some explain with their behavior the basis of our existence. Others hide mysteries of which we have no idea and there are some, seen by the instruments developed by humanity, that ceased to exist.

That is the case of Pillars of Creation. How come they don’t exist? Many will wonder, Are they then from science fiction? You will question the rest. But nothing to see. It is a real phenomenon that due to the visual journey we make through space-time, it can be captured by a telescope.

It is the information that reaches us. But the reality is that, according to the estimates of scientists, the Pillars of Creation ceased to exist many, many years ago.

The first time the Pillars of Creation was photographed was on April 1, 1995. The instrument used to capture this image was the wonderful Hubble Space Telescope. And in the study that described them, it was established that this has not existed for 6 thousand years.

The Pillars of Creation

They were elephant trunks of dusty interstellar gas, which were located in the Eagle Nebula. This location is estimated to be about 7 thousand light years away. Therefore, it should remain the same, that is, be visible, for the next thousand years.

The destruction of this phenomenon, of course theorized by a scientific study, would have been generated by the explosion of a supernova. So, the stellar gas would be at this time in full formation of new stars for the visible universe.

The visual deconstruction of the stellar event is surprising and shows three pillar-shaped structures, a situation that led those responsible for making this first photo (Jeff Hester and Paul Scowen) to give it this name.

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