Saturn greets the Moon from afar in an amazing photographic composition


A striking photographic composition by artist and astronomer Paul Stewart shows Saturn greeting our Moon from afar. These types of images, despite the conjunction that may exist between the two worlds, have not yet been taken in a real way.

However, they could be possible in the not-too-distant future with various types of instruments that NASA and other space agencies intend to put above the Moon’s orbit.

Between the middle and the end of the current decade, the POT will launch the mission Artemis in which, among other things, he will return humans to set foot on the Moon.

In addition, several of the projects that NASA has in mind with this mission is to place a space station similar to the ISS, but orbiting our natural satellite.

So why not a space telescope over this region or a probe that analyzes the depths of the cosmos from the area of ​​the Moon.

Thus, through the data captured by astronomical instruments, this type of visuals that we share below would be possible.

The Moon greeting Saturn

According to the Science and More medium on its Twitter account, the composition is a work by Paul Stewart.

The image shows the composition made by astronomer Paul Stewart in which the surface of the Moon appears in the foreground.

Peeking out of the background, while carrying out its translation process, is one of the gas giants that the Solar System has: Saturn.

With its giant rings, Saturn has a much lower density than water. Another feature that stands out is that it is made entirely of hydrogen, with a little helium and methane. Therefore, astronomers are very interested in studying more thoroughly all the elements of this planet.

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