Amazing dolphin larger than Earth formed by jet streams on Jupiter


After decades of research and technological advances, many details of the composition of Jupiter. However, there is still a lot to discover about one of the gas giants that our solar system has.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the system we inhabit. He is also the one who constantly protects us from the asteroids that travel through the space in which our world is positioned.

So, gratitude to this world is eternal since it collaborates in a certain way with the development of life as we know it. That is why the scientists of the POT and astronomy organizations in general seek to understand its composition.

In this sense, they find that the range of colors that we have been able to appreciate thanks to the instruments that observe them, among which the reds, browns, yellows, oranges and whitesare generated thanks to the jet streams that occur in its atmosphere.

This behavior has formed a huge dolphin on the surface that we appreciate. The same formation, according to estimates, is larger than our planet.

Jupiter’s jet streams

This phenomenon of jet streams also occurs in the Land. They are pathways of air that run fast and narrowly through the planet’s atmosphere. The difference is that because it drags other types of elements, it registers colors different from our world.

In the case of Jupiter we can see this Dolphin and the rest of the colors that we already mentioned because the jet stream in its air carries clouds of ammonia.

According to what EFE reviews in a study that was done in 2018, what scientists debate is how deep these currents reach the surface of the planet.

“We know a lot about jet streams on Earth, and their role in climate and environment, but we still have a lot to learn about Jupiter’s atmosphere,” said Navid Constantinou of the Australian National University, who participated. in the study.

“The gas inside Jupiter is magnetized and so our new theory explains why the jet streams go below the surface of this gas giant, but not beyond,” added Jeffrey Parker of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, also part of the study.

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