This would be the luxury hotel that Tesla would build for tourism on Mars


If there is someone who has plans on Mars, it is precisely Elon Musk with his multiple companies that aim to set foot on the Red Planet and spread humanity there.

That is why SpaceX has reiterated multiple space missions, in order to make the possibility that humanity can reach the neighboring planet more and more possible.

However, the road is not easy, Mars is 100 million kilometers from Earth, its temperatures are between 0 and 120 degrees Celsius below zero, its air is not compatible with that of humans, that’s why Musk’s dreams To inhabit that place, they must first build spaces that can be occupied as tourism.

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Hotel for space tourism

Inspired by the words of Elon Musk in each interview, a Chinese artist named Loongt presented a visual proposal of what a “Tesla Mobile Hotel Resort” where users will be able to stay in the event that they travel to Mars.

The design of this mobile hotel would be made up of three parts: entertainment area, rotating vehicle area, the bedrooms.

In the entertainment area would be a giant revolving restaurant, gym, casino and other areas to hang out.

In the rear, some structures are stored that have the uses: horizontally, to fly as a flyer, and vertically, to transport tourists around the world.

This structure would not have a fixed place of location, on the contrary, it would be in constant movement to carry out various ground tours on the red planet.

At the moment it is unknown if some of Elon Musk’s companies have taken a look at the personal project of this artist who seeks to contribute to that space colonization plan.

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