Qualcomm and Ericsson partner with Thales to develop a 5G-based satellite internet network


When we talk about satellite Internet, we immediately think of star link. Elon Musk’s companywith the help of SpaceX is putting devices in Earth’s orbit to provide connection to the most remote places on the planet.

Thanks to this the same star link is on its way to becoming the largest global network of this service on the planet. It is normal, since until now they would be the only ones to undertake a project of this style on a massive scale.

However, when they look up, they will already have in their sights a competition preparing to compete in offering better satellite Internet.

It’s what they’re doing Qualcomm Y ericssonwho according to international media citing Reuters, would have initiated a signing of agreements with ThalesFrench aerospace group, to start a satellite Internet connection network based on 5G.

5G Internet from Qualcomm, Ericsson and Thales

Reports indicate that the work between the two technology firms and the aerospace group has already begun.

For now, they are carrying out the corresponding tests in their laboratories, together with some devices that are handled from the International Space Station (ISS).

The objective that they seek to fulfill in the remainder of 2022 is to make sure that everything is in order so that in 2023 they can start tests with their own devices.

“Tests on the International Space Station and with some satellites are being discussed,” said Hakan Djuphammar, director of Special Projects for Ericsson’s technology arm, according to Rpp.

Before you start trading they need to resolve whether 5G can be a sustainable connection in a stable way from the height of the satellites to the place on the surface of the Earth for which they are sending.

“Satellites move very fast, so the link changes very quickly. So we’re going to do all those tests to validate that the technology is mature and ready to do these things,” Djuphammar concluded.

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