New technologies to boost European economies



Femtech is new technologies at the service of women’s health. Several countries have made it their specialty. The United States, Israel and, in Europe, Switzerland. The start-up Rea Diagnostics, for example, launched a connected sanitary napkin. A towel that should be used to better detect the risk of premature delivery. In Geneva, the explanations of Jeremy Lance.

There is another European country that has bet a lot on the digitization of its state: Estonia. In this small, sparsely populated northern European country, bordering both Finland and Russia, most administrative services are available online. Enrolling your child in school, obtaining a prescription or declaring your taxes, all of this is done via the computer. In recent years, this experience and expertise in this area has attracted many African countries to develop the same kind of systems. Estonia has thus entered into several cooperation agreements, particularly with Benin. Our correspondent Marielle Vitureau traveled to a major e-government conference in the capital, Tallinn.

Global warming and sea level rise

Greek mythology tells that the gods Apollo and Artemis were born on a very small island called Delos. This island does exist, it is even one of the most touristic archaeological sites in Greece, but also one of the most threatened. Because this piece of land located in the Cyclades archipelago is today at the same level as the sea, and the rising waters due to climate change are slowly swallowing up this jewel of Greek antiquity. Joel Bronner returns to the situation of this island of Delos in relation to the rising waters.

The column “it’s my Europe” by Alice Rouja on the functioning of the institutions of the European Union.

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