NASA: How much was spent on the James Webb Space Telescope?


The surprising images that they already shared of the James Webb Space Telescope has us in awe. Knowing the deep universe in detail will help man to understand more about the process of existence. And for this they already have the best possible tool.

Placing a space telescope in Earth orbit, with the characteristics of the James Webb is not easy. The project cost a lot of money so that the mission could be executed and today we have this useful tool for the exploration of the universe.

So, that is what we are going to know next: how much did it cost, in detail, to manufacture, launch, put into orbit and operate the James Web Space Telescope.

Before surprising us with what this space gazebo cost, it is necessary to consider that the expense did not run only through the pocket of the POT.

Within this project there are a lot of people involved between scientific talent and monetary investment from other space agencies and governments of the world’s powerful powers.

People involved in the James Webb and cost of the telescope

In addition to NASA, leader of this project, there is also his always collaborator THIS (European Space Agency). There is also the Canadian Space Agency which helps with the integration of a key instrument in the operation of the device.

Also, within the project are the main manufacturers, Northrop Grumman Y Ball Aerospace.

The initial budget for the James Webb Space Telescope was just $500 million. The figure was surprisingly increased, because it actually ended up costing 10 billion dollars. What happened back then?

The project began to run in 2002. At that time there were many details to learn from Hubble, which had registered some errors at the beginning of its performance. The faults were in the optics of the cameras and much more was spent because they had to be repaired when it was already in orbit.

In addition, the materials with which its mechanisms and mirrors are made were raising the costs of the observatory that is looking directly at the Big Bang.

To give you an idea, James Webb’s main mirror has a diameter of about 6.5 meters. In its structure there are about 18 segments that are bathed in gold; not for luxury, but for the resistance provided by the material of the precious stone.

From 2002 until its launch, almost 20 years later, the scientists in charge of the project spent and spent money because each detail of the telescope has unique pieces.

This came to cause noise in the representatives of the United States Congress who, when the project had already consumed 5 billion dollars, promoted its cancellation.

Fortunately, the idea did not advance and the James Webb continued on its way. The Excelsior portal reports that to the 10 billion dollars that have already been spent, another 7 million must be added for the Ariane 5 rocket, which served to launch the observatory.

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