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To see further, from higher, beyond space or even time and take advantage of it to rediscover our architectural heritage, such is the objective pursued by this free application for smartphone and tablet called Magnicity. The program was developed by the French company Timescope specialized in augmented reality devices on behalf of the French family group M56 which deals with the management of international tourist sites under the brand Magnicity. This 3D virtualization system allows you to teleport to the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower and to contemplate at 360° on the screen of his mobile nearly 200 sites and architectural treasures of the French capital. Some monuments have been modeled in high definition. Meticulous archival work has been carried out in order to provide users with rigorous historical information during their visit, which will appear in the form of text overlays or links to short explanatory videos.

The best possible experience for the user of the application is to go to the top of the Montparnasse Tower to superimpose the surrounding panorama with the augmented reality images which are then displayed on the screen of his smartphone, but one can also use the Magnicity app from his couch at home. No need for an immersive headset, your mobile is enough to navigate by sight by locating the monuments that arise, Explain Muriel Lemesre, Marketing Director of Magnicity. You can consult many documents during your visit, such as historical information or anecdotes about the sites and places you have observed. Our group, which has specialized in the management of tourist sites in urban areas, has concentrated its activities in the field of augmented reality by offering virtual tours from the tops of the tallest buildings in several cities around the world, for example, from the top from the TV tower in Berlin you can zoom in on what remains of the Wall, at the 360° Hancock Tower in Chicago you can also take a trip through time when the city was ravaged by fire or in Rotterdam admire the port and the emblematic places of this city recognized for the richness of its architectural heritage. »

The Magnicity App allows you to visit Paris day and night, by switching, for example, to night mode under the sun. This augmented reality program also offers visitors to the French capital a real journey back in time to 1,800 years ago, when “Paname” was then called Lutèce. It is also possible to virtually admire the augmented panoramas of three other towers, those of the TV Tower in Berlin, the Euromast tower in Rotterdam or the 360° tower in Chicago. And so obviously the essential remains invisible to the eyes », as the aviator and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once told us in his book The little Princethe devices of augmented reality managed to make this wise maxim a tangible reality, allowing us to go beyond appearances this time.

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