Kyiv seeks to sever last cultural ties with Moscow



In France, the price of fuel has not finished soaring: we have gone well above 2 euros per litre. So faced with soaring prices, motorists are adapting. Lise Verbecke.

Volunteers in the Alpine pastures to protect herds from wolves

Direction the Alpages, to meet the wolf. Its increasingly numerous presence is a plus for biodiversity, believe environmental defense associations, while many breeders see it as a permanent anxiety. In Swissthe OPPAL association sends volunteers to the mountain pastures to monitor the herds. Jeremy Lance.

A robot dog for the archaeological site of Pompei

For several weeks, Spot, a robot-dog has been walking his slender, metallic silhouette in the middle of the ruins of Pompei, in the south ofItaly. Cecile Debarge.

In a nutshell: They

Transidentity in language through the use of the pronoun “They” in UK. Marie Billon.

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