How far will the Ocean One underwater robot take us?



OceanOne, the first robotic underwater archaeologist, explorer and surgeon of the depths, is much more than just a jewel of technology. With its pivoting head, its piercing eyes, its two robust arms and above all its two delicate hands, it virtually restores all the tactile and visual sensations of a diver, except that Ocean One can go down to almost 1,000 meters. , an unattainable depth for human lungs…

A real revolution for underwater archaeology, but also for the exploration, research and protection of the oceans down to the great depths. Successfully tested in 2016 on The wreckage of the Moon (the flagship of Louis XIV), it is a new, even more efficient version, a new prototype: the underwater robot Ocean One K, for “one kilometer”, 1,000 meters deep, that Oussama Khatib will present to us .

With Osama Khatibdirector of Stanford Robotics Lab.

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