How do we manage our electronic waste?



Worse still, we did not know what had become of 82.6% of the 53 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment produced worldwide in 2019. Short lifespan, limited repairability, toxic components, the impact of these waste is of increasing concern from a health and environmental point of view. In many countries, there are still open landfills, sometimes in the middle of towns. On the other hand, recycling this waste would create many jobs and a significant financial windfall due to the precious metals they contain: their value would be around 62 billion dollars. How can we reduce our production of electronic waste? What are the existing laws?

With :

-Emmanuelle Frenouxteacher-researcher at Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Digital Sciences (LISN) at the University of Paris-Saclay and member ofEco Infoa service group (GDS) of the CNRS

-Samuel Sauvagepresident and co-founder of the Association Stop planned obsolescence (HOP)

– Silvère WandjiHead of Technical Operation of the Association Technological solidarity in Cameroon.

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