Headaches for Elon Musk: the Starship exploded, the ship that will take humans to Mars (Video)


In a new test the Raptors engines and the Starship of SpaceXthe result has been company ship explosion Elon Musk. Headaches for the tycoon.

Musk is obsessed with the idea of ​​bringing humans to Mars and his plans to do it in this spaceship. However, his longing has had several delays due to failed tests.

As the report explains computer today, the construction of the Starship and the tests include the work with the Raptors engines. By uniting them, the result should be a ship powerful enough for a crew to reach the red planet.

The problem with this modern ship is precisely its main card: the power. Its capacity and the fuel it requires are so great that explosions are very likely.therefore, SpaceX is affected by material losses, time, and also affects the ozone layer.

pictures of the explosion

The Twitter account of @NASASpaceFlight shared videos with the images of the explosion and how the ship was left after the explosion.

That was unexpected”, wrote the account, which published the clips on Monday, July 11.

The explosion occurred at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas, and again delays Elon Musk’s plans to take humans to Mars. In fact, I planned that the first orbital flight was made this year.

Monday’s tests were conducted with the giant Super Heavy first-stage booster, a version designed to launch the Starship into orbit with a total of 33 Raptors engines. The firing of these engines on the platform caused the explosion.

Musk reacted to the explosion on Twitter, saying: “Yeah, it’s actually not good. The team is assessing the damage”.

SpaceX did several tests in 2021, and after several failed (and explosive) attempts, they managed to perform a suborbital flight of a prototype upper-stage starship, landing safely. Those tests excited Musk, who wanted an orbital flight to be made this July.

Looks like it will have to wait.

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