Faced with drifts, what control for facial recognition?



In Russia, CCTV is everywhere in cities. And in recent weeks, it has been the Russians who have come out to demonstrate to demand the release of Alexeï Navalny who are paying the price, John Cassey.

The European Commission has published its plan to regulate facial recognition. Not everything will be banned, contrary to what some fifty digital rights organizations were asking for. The details of Laxmi Lota at Brussels.

Nicola Sturgeon, Queen of Scotland

At UK, the showdown between Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon has begun. The Scottish Prime Minister, whose party has just won the local elections, is asking for a new referendum on Scottish independence, the British Prime Minister does not want it at any price. Portrait of Scottish independence activist Nicola Sturgeon with Beatrice Leveille.

Southern Europe wants to save the tourist season

In Greece, the tourism sector represents around one fifth of the local economy. The country is counting on its islands without Covid, Covid free, English style, to bring holidaymakers. For this, the Greek government has implemented a priority vaccination strategy on islands with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. They hope to be able to build what they call “a wall of immunity” against the virus and to welcome as many visitors as possible, after a drop in attendance of nearly 70% last year (2020) across the country. Joel Bronnerour correspondent in Greecetraveled to the island of Hydra, less than two hours by boat from Athens.

Repairs, recovery, at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris

On the initiative of the Portes Ouvertes sur l’Art association, this exhibition in Paris brings together artists from the Middle East and Africa, most of whom have known exile and have been welcomed in Europe. Juliette Gheerbrant.

→ The website of the Répare, Reprise exhibition

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