Dryad, the technological spirit that protects forests from fires



Dryad is discreet in the huge living room of VivaTech. It is a small green box that fits in the palm of the hand, in the shape of a stylized leaf and barred by a solar collector for the power supply.

Like many brilliant ideas, the revolutionary concept is extremely simple. Carsten Brinkschulte proudly holds the small connected device he co-developed: ” The sensors can detect a fire in less than 60 minutes from the start of the fire. When the fire is still very small, we send the GPS coordinates of the sensor that detected the fire. »

The small connected object is equipped with a GPS chip, which indicates the presence of a fire from the first flames. All this in less than 60 minutes, it’s an invaluable time saver.

A classic camera spots a fire between one and three hours, a satellite after one or even several days. ” If you ask a firefighter what’s the most important thing in fighting a fire, he’ll say it’s the weather. The sooner he knows where the fire is, the faster he can get there, the easier it is to put it out. So time is really essential », explains Carsten Brinkschulte.

The Dryad sensor in action.
The Dryad sensor in action. © Dryad

Dryad protects five hectares of forest with a single device. From the first traces of carbon in the air, the latter will send the information quickly via a network of radio waves: “ Part of our solution is a wireless network infrastructure for the sensors. It can also be used for many other applications, other sensors including soil moisture, tree growth, and monitoring forest health and growth. So we are digitizing the forest. »

Connected forests

Digitizing the forest, an idea taken up by several countries that have invested in Dryad. This is just the beginning, hopes the co-founder: ” We started selling Dryad in February this year. And we currently have ten customers in Southern Europe, especially in Greece and Spain, as well as in Turkey. We start selling to USA, South Korea and Indonesia. We don’t have a customer in France yet, but we hope to have some soon! »

From too many useless technologies of VivaTech, the Parisian innovation fair, this invention swears, and it is intended: positive impact is at the heart of Carsten Brinkschulte’s business philosophy. Our main mission is to have an impact on the environment and we only develop products and projects when both objectives are achieved, when we can make a profit, but also when we have an impact on the environment, a positive contribution to society and nature. It can be very profitable to help nature and this is what Dryad does “, he boasts.

The small device is sold for 38 dollars each, a cost much lower than that of a fire: in California, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year to extinguish the devastating fires of the region.

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