Connected health, from preventive to predictive



Devices to fight the epidemic, home support for people with loss of autonomy, remote consultation, monitoring of a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension or heart failure, this digitized health associated with the programs of artificial intelligence offers us today to pass from preventive to predictive.

Data from multiple sources, such as sensors, cameras, smartphones or wearables are constantly analyzed. The objective of these systems combining artificial intelligence and predictive models is to provide care centered on the person, explains Alain Monteux, President France and Benelux of the international group Tunstall.

“It is the human being that is important”

We have systems with radio sensors, fall detectors, cameras, connected glasses that will be able to analyze your face, objects such as connected watches to track activity parameters such as your number of steps , but also your heart rate from a distance he says.

But Alain Monteux specifies: “ However, it is not a question of doing anything with your medical data, the law in Europe is very strict on this subject with the obligation to define the precise use that you will make of this data. On the other hand, all these digital systems are ineffective if they are not connected to a listening and assistance platform operating 24 hours a day, allowing emergency intervention in users’ homes. In the end, it is the human being that is important, these devices are aimed at people who have a vital need and at the individuals who will help them. “, he adds.

Medical data and user consent

The secrecy of medical data remains the major concern of users of connected health systems. Regulators are trying to address this issue by requiring companies to provide user consent for the operation of their predictive health profiling and anonymization clauses in their bylaws. Connected health also generates immense profits, with a market dominated by the giants of the Web which is currently estimated at 22 billion euros worldwide.

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