3 rum cocktails to attempt truly this summer season.


when we tell you about Cocktail & agrave; Rum base , you watched of Cuba Libre , Au Ti-Punch or even, & emptyly, at mojito ?.But for some years for the equal time, The Spritz got here to make the shadow at the mojito .For this & eacute;2022, we suggest you return & agrave;A cocktail & agrave;Rum & Hellip base;But leaving overwhelmed song.You will see that the rum can nonetheless be used for lovely surprises & agrave;the time of.

which rum to choose & nbsp;?

n & rsquo; do now not trust that, as it might be m & eacute;& agrave;different drinks, the rum chosen for your cocktails can be the primary one which falls beneath hand.If you need your cocktail and not just descending it from a line, it’s far higher to pick out a great alcohol;.

As such, rum three rivi & egrave gives a extensive variety of flavors and could let you.We can as an instance pick their variety of cocktail & agrave;forty & deg;, or  SAILOR JERRY Rhum bottle

Our 3 rum cocktail recipes

For display the variety;Offered through rum, we selected three TROTH COCKETALS DISTURATED each different.Three cocktails with a purpose to allow you to cowl the three manufacturers of pr & eacute;.After all, it takes for all pass & ucirc;

pink cara & iuml; bes

Ingr & Eacute; Dients:
four cl of agricultural rum 3 rivi & egrave; res
2 cl of lemon juice
2 cl of cane sugar syrup
15 cl of lemonade

in a shaker, lange the rum, lemon juice and sugar syrupcane.Add the raspberries or even with the back of a spoon to liber.Fill the gla & ccedil; ons and shake nicely.Pour your cocktail into a tumbler, whole with lemonade.Cozer with a raspberry and a piece of mint.

classic may also Tai

Ingr & éacute; Dients :
four cl of brown rum Sailor Jerry
1 cl of syrup D & rsquo; Orgeat
2 cl of Cointreau
1/2 Green

Start by cutting your lime in 1/2.Take a halves;And press the juice on your shaker.Then upload the Orgeat, Cointreau and rum syrup.Fill your gla & ccedil; ons shaker and shake to the factor ofWhat the acute of the shaker is bloodless.Pour your cocktail into a glass without filtering it (the ice will do it for you) and garnish with the other halves;of your lime.

 Cocktail Mai Tai with Sailor Jerry rum

May Tai is a classic cocktail & agrave;rum base, perfect for the & éacute;.This recipe makes use of brown rum Sailor Jerry, which gives & agrave;the drink a stunning smoking flavor.The Orgeat and Cointreau syrup add softness and depth even as the lime brings acidity;REFRARD & ICIRC;.

saint james best drink

Ingr & Eacute; Dients:
four cl of white rum Saint James
zero.Five cl d & rsquo; anisette
zero.5 cl of marasquin
zero.Five clcane sugar syrup
2 orange sour lines
2 sour peychaud traits
1 trait of bitter saint james

pr & eacute; paration:
Pour all ingr & éacute;.Add ice and shake to the pointWhat the extreme of the shaker is cold.Filter your cocktail in a cooled glass and appreciate it!

 Cocktail Saint James Perfect Drink

This recipe is that of the Saint James Perfect Drink, a classic cocktail & agrave;rum base.This cocktail is made with white Saint James rum, which offers it a Go & ucirc;.Anisette and the marasquin add sweetness, even as cane sugar syrup and bitters upload depth and taste.

The abuse of alcohol is risky for the Sant & Eacute;& ndash;To devour with mod & eacute;


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