Tasting: Whiskey Single Malt Aberlour Speyside 12 years.


We hold this week our d & eacute; Whiskey Gusts with this time a conventional Ecossais, L & RSquo; Aberlour Speyside 12 years old,unmarried malt of the Speyside gion.

a double maturation

For our gustation, we’ve got choose & eacute;For the conventional version of the 12 -12 months -old aberlour d & rsquo;& agrave;forty% ABV.To do well, Aberlour offers for its 12 years of a double maturation in the ex-bourbon and sherry, which confuses it a unique fragrant profile.

Aberlour, Fond & Eacute;In 1879 by means of James Fleming, one of the rare distilleries & agrave;possesses his personal cooperage on web site, which lets in him to govern the getting old manner of his whiskeys of the D & Eacute;the stop.The water used comes from the resources of the burn.The distillery is likewise r & acute;.

the d & eacute;

When you’ve got this whiskey, take some time to approve all its aspects.All of them, pour a small amount & eacute;in a tumbler and turn it for lib & eacute;.On the nose, we perch;.

Once within the mouth, we find the notes of Sherry, Ch & Ecirci; and Vanilla, with this time a soup & ccedil;.The end is long and agreed and we could glimpse flavors of darkish chocolate and honey.

Aberlour 12 years is sufficiently complicated and agri-eacute;allow & agrave;All the flavors of fully felt.

The bottle of the aberlour 12 years

The layout of the bottle is rest & eacute;Inshang & Eacute;Since the Nineteen Seventies.Green and gold colors are a tribute & agrave;The Cosses who have cried;Aberlour, James Fleming.The bottle is a seal by means of a lifting plug and black wooden, bearing the Aberlour logo.

This bottle breathes solidity;and that it’s far offered naked or in tui, will continually have its effect at the time of the Ritif, on the table within the residing room.

Our opinion on the aberlour 12 years

Aberlour 12 Year Old is an excellent instance know-how of the distillery, with its color dor & eacute; e and its ar & ocirc;& eacute;.On the palate, it’s miles round and corsicate, with notes.The very last is long and agreed.

C & rsquo; is a whiskey this is sufficient & agrave;He and stays less costly for an ophyte nose who would like to regularly provoke the whiskey.His double maturation also offers him a sure complexity;that we do now not discover in each 12 years of.

In quick, it is a superb preference if you want to shop for your most advantageous bottle of whiskey & laquo;You need to offer a nice present & agrave;A lover of this spirits.

o & ugrave;Buy the Aberlour 12 years old

Plus Easy & agrave;Find, the 12 -12 months -vintage Aberlour Speyside is to be had from wine merchants, Some supermarch & eacute; s or without delay on-line on websites like For simply underneath 50 & Euro;.


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