Koolhome Solar Freezer – sun powered freezer is a recreation changer in hot climates


Every day hundreds of thousands of heaps of clean food is spoiled and wasted thru faulty or inadequate cooling. Power cuts, dodgy generators and gas poverty make it extraordinarily tough to assure strong cooling in very warm international locations. Now French enterprise Koolboks has launched the Koolhome Solar Freezer, which presents reliable, low value freezing for purchasers and small commercial enterprise owners in Nigeria and different African international locations.

The freezer uses a twin electricity supply. Solar panels on the roof of the constructing, plus a Lithium battery and what the corporation calls ‘ice strength garage’. The result is a freezer that may maintain food clean for as much as 4 days even with out complete sunlight or a reliable mains strength deliver. What makes this product even more precious is the fact that it’s being advertised on a low value ‘pay as you move’ basis, the use of a SIM card meter. This manner you may choose up a freezer package for as little as $20 a month, which compares very favourably with generator gas prices for strolling a conventional freezer.

The freezer comes with twin USB sockets for powering up gadgets like smartphones, plus LED lightbulbs. So in impact giving the owner a three in a single advantage for their commercial enterprise. The product additionally capabilities 10cm thick insulation in preference to the usual 6cm of everyday freezers, which makes for even more efficiency. If you’re interested by getting to know extra, contact the enterprise at [email protected] . [Via]

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