Kokoon Nightbuds Review – Sleep earbuds for aspect sleepers


I am lousy at sound asleep. I am a totally mild sleeper, and the tiniest of noises wake me up, and I am liable to tension and palpitations after I try to get to sleep.

Nowadays, I am suit and healthy; I also practice good sleep hygiene. I have also reviewed a diffusion of merchandise to enhance my sleep and experimented with all the medication I can get my hands on.

The Kokoon Nightbuds have two appealing elements to them for me. Sound blockading earbuds which can be suitable for side sleepers and a selection of meditation physical activities and white noise for the ones times I war to get to sleep. As an introduced bonus, you get sleep evaluation, however I have already got a Garmin Fenix 6 for that and a Withings Sleep Analyzer mat.


  • Premium audio
    • Balanced armature type drivers
  • Features
    • Volume control buttons
    • Voice name microphone
    • Silicone earbud tip length alternatives
  • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth five.0
    • USB-C charging port
  • Battery
    • Lithium ion technology
    • 100mAh potential
    • 10+ hour battery life
  • Sleep Tracker
    • In-ear optical coronary heart fee sensor
    • Monitoring heart price
    • Monitoring coronary heart price variability

Set-Up and App

You will want to download the MyKokoon app and sign on to an account. It will manual you through the set-up manner, however you basically ought to pair the headphones up like another Bluetooth headphone. When off, keep down the strength until it informs you it’s far in pairing mode, then pair up.

You can then installation your profile which is largely the times your fall asleep and wake.

Then can either play your very own audio like a normal pair of Bluetooth headphones, or you may pick out one of the many integrated audio alternatives,

App Audio Problems

The first time I tried those, I bumped into an instantaneous trouble with audio stuttering. Then I saw plenty of negative app reviews with several customers confirming that is a common trouble.

One person states:

If you open the app, then go and use audio in a exclusive app, then come lower back to the app, the sound stutters, and you need to disconnect to restoration it on every occasion.

Which quite lots summed up my problem.

It is a bit regarding due to the fact the organisation seems to be expecting that customers can be inclined to pay a subscription price to apply the app, but over forty% of users have rated the app one or stars.   


The stand out function of these earbuds is the bodily layout, and this redeems them from most of the various other problems. It has been mentioned that seventy four% of people sleep on their aspect, so you’d anticipate this will be the point of interest while designing sleep earbuds.

Other manufacturers have long gone two distinct routes:

  • A scarf which is secure for side snoozing but won’t block out as a whole lot noise (and I am positive it’d make my head overheat).
  • Or True wi-fi earbuds, which, when you think about it, is a improper layout, you actually have to contain all of the electronics within the earbud, inevitably making it extra uncomfortable than important for facet drowsing.

Kokoon took an old school approach and stressed out Bluetooth earphones however then engineered the whole thing to be as flat as possible. I am no longer saying that is a wonderful layout, but it appears to be the nice design through a giant margin.

Kokoon claims that the thickness in your ear is just 5.4mm while Bose Sleepbuds are 12.7mm.

The end result is some thing this is highly relaxed to sleep with on your side. I find that the earbuds are slightly great once I try to doze off; they certainly do not motive soreness. However, after I necessarily wake up, I do have some achiness. It is a similar kind of ache I get from wearing earbuds for too long in standard; not painful, however I always have to take them off once I wake.

Meditation / White Noise

One element I have not positioned sufficient attempt into when seeking to improve my sleep is meditation, which might be one of the simplest strategies of improving sleep.

I nonetheless haven’t, and I don’t especially like the spoken sleep publications; a person speaking to me as I attempt to sleep is disturbing.

I do, but, just like the white noises, I suppose the Drift song changed into my favored choice, which supplied a relaxing effect and didn’t have any irregular or excessive pitched notes that might aggravate me.

It is worth noting that there is a few static white noise from the earphones. This is commonplace among most earphones and audio system, typically, ambient noise or some thing you are being attentive to blocks this out.

However, placing these on in a nice quiet bed room made me note it; it’s like very slight tinnitus. The best issue here is that if you wake up in the night time with the audio off, you may enjoy this tinnitus like sensation, which may be disturbing, and one of the reasons people use white noise tracks inside the first location.

Sleep Analysis

Unfortunately, because of my cursed drowsing, I turned into not able to effectively test the sleep analysis as I always take the earphones off at some point within the night time as I usually wake after my first sleep cycle.

Looking at different critiques, it appears that sleep tracking is fundamental and may be hit or omit with the sync.

I assume other humans can be like me and take this off during the night time, so for anyone that does that, it’s far going to be highly erroneous.

Sleep monitoring in general across the industry is pretty bad and vulnerable to irregular readings, so it is not something I hassle focusing on lots. Most wearables will do a satisfactory job, if you do not have already got one, I’d recommend some thing just like the Honor Band 6 for an low cost alternative. Alternatively, the devoted under-bed Withings Sleep Analyzer is likewise an brilliant choice.

Expensive Subscription Pricing

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The Kokoon Nightbuds paintings on a kind of subscription-based totally version; it is a chunk peculiar, truely.

You can pay annually for £169.Ninety nine and presently 20%, so £a hundred thirty five.99 or an upfront purchase, which is technically simply two years, for £229.99, presently discounted to £207.

They are simply Bluetooth earbuds, so if you did not want to use the Kokoon app and use something else, they should still work.

On the Amazon page, they offer a bit more information, and I count on this simplest applies to the more luxurious upfront model. After years, you will be eligible totally free next-era Nightbuds if you renew. Alternatively, without a brand new device, it will be £4.Ninety nine/mo.

I don’t see why they can’t fee a flat rate, then after a year’s well worth of free app get entry to, try to rate the fiver per month (not that I specifically approve of this),

However, I regularly kingdom you can’t placed a charge on advanced fitness and excellent sleep, so if these do give you the results you want, then they’re now not horrific fee for money.

Alternative Options

Kokoon has a pleasant little picture comparing themselves to more than one the primary alternative options.

As crucial as I were in the direction of Kokoon, I am no longer totally positive any of the under stand out as notably advanced options.

  • 1MORE ComfoBuds Z for £ninety
    • These are essentially just light-weight earbuds, there’s additionally an app with 30 soothing sounds, and you play your own audio.
  • Bose Sleepbuds II for £219 or £a hundred ninety presently on Bose
    • A comparable fee to the Kokoon Nightbuds but no additional prices for using the app, however, there’s no option to play any other audio, which is a piece weird.
  • QuietOn three Earbuds
    • These are a bit different. They don’t connect to your cellphone, but they do offer energetic noise cancelling. They have a skinny layout, and in case you simply want noise-blockading those are in all likelihood the best available on the market.
  • SleepPhones v7 for £80
    • These are designed for aspect sleepers and might be extra comfy, but the headscarf layout won’t block out as lots noise as in-ear earbuds

Depending on what you need from sleep earbuds, you could go together with a regular pair of earplugs to block out sound. I for my part like the Loop earbuds due to the fact the loop design makes them easier to get out of your ear.


I have mixed feelings towards the Kokoon Nightbuds. I don’t have a number of revel in with sleep earbuds, however those do seem to have the pleasant universal layout if you are a side sleeper, which most people are. The slimline design is unrivalled from what I can inform, and this may well be worth the rate itself.

I did discover that the white noise tracks helped with my sleep, and I just like the 20-minute timer. So there may be plenty of ability there.

I did not have an awful lot good fortune with sleep monitoring, but I think that became inevitable with my bad sleep.

However, the app is buggy which is not what you want for something that is going for walks at the same time as you attempt to nod off.

The pricing model is weird and, in my opinion, overpriced, made worse through the fact that over 40% of reviewers think the app is awful.  

Overall, I suppose the business enterprise are on to a winner with the overall hardware, but they seriously want to reconsider the subscription-based pricing and if they may be going to make humans pay to apply the app, as a minimum make an excellent app.

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