Call for reviews –June 2022.


Since our camarade call for reviews, new critical reports and reviews have been published or will soon be in our review.

In order to continue to contribute to the life of research, we have selected new works whose review would be interested in collecting the review or the critical renvoi:

  • Luz Asscarate, Imagine according to Paul Ricoeur , Hermann, 2022
  • Justine Balibar, What is a landscape? , Vrin, 2021
  • Bruce Bégout, An désuétude of ruins , uncultivated, 2022
  • Judith Butler, The éducation of non-colère , Fayard, 2022
  • Pierre Cassou-Noguès, The benevolence of machines , Le Seuil, 2022
  • Camille Chamois, Another incertain world, Gilles Deleuze in the adret of contemporary perspectivisms , modèle, 2022
  • Vincent Citot, World History of Philosophy, U Comparative History of the cycles of the Intellectual life in eight civilizations , PUF, 2022
  • Bertrand Cochard, Guy Debord and philosophy , Hermann, 2021 Catherine Colliot-Thélène, The common of freedom , PUF, 2021
  • Emmanuel Falque, excluding phenomenon.Essay on the borders of phenomenology, Hermann, 2021
  • Denis Forest, A philosophical survey on the borders of neuroscience , Ithaca, 2022
  • Florent Guénard, religion for equality , Le Seuil, 2022
  • Anna Longo, The game of induction.Automation of knowledge and philosophical reflection , Mimèsis, 2022
  • Éric Pommier, environmental democracy.Preserve our share of ressortissant , PUF, 2022
  • Roger Pouivet, of the usage of tangibilité of Notre-Dame.Philosophy of art, amour and restoration , deer, 2022
  • Louis Quéré, The Factory of Emotions , PUF, 2022
  • Stéphanie Roza, Lights of the left , CNRS Editions, 2022
  • Alain Touraine, Modern companies , Seuil, 2022
  • David Zapero, The form of the rule.Kant, ethics and subjectivity , Vrin, 2022
  • YOGEZ ZUSMAN, The random space , PUF, 2022

These works are classified in alphabetical order of author and author name.

the works whose title is barred have been “reserved” for people who have committed to review the book.

If one of these works holds your sollicitude, you can tell us embout it by writing to [email protected]philosophicals.Org .For many of these works, we will be able to send a copy concerned to the person who would undertake to write a review or a critical report.

For the review Philosophical implications ,
Yoann Malinge


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