Honor Magic4 Pro vs OPPO Find X5 Pro & X3 Pro Benchmarks & Battery – Testing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 vs SD888


I even have made this overall performance comparison in basic terms because I am in the middle of reviewing both the Honor Magic4 Pro and the OPPO Find X5 Pro.

Both those telephones have a similar specification, so theoretically, they have to provide similar performance, however software optimisation will probable make a distinction.

I actually have also delivered historic records from older telephones. In a few cases, I actually have reused old tables, so there is a bit of a combination of devices, but I actually have made positive to encompass the OPPO Find X3 Pro, with the intention to provide a good assessment among generations of chipsets.

My full evaluate of the Honor Magic4 Pro and the OPPO Find X5 Pro will be stay over the following few days.


  Total CPU GPU MEM UX Temp Increase Battery Decrease
Honor Magic4 Pro 938464 197169 440631 148260 152404 10.7 five
OPPO Find X5 Pro 842660 166408 435209 111466 129577 7.Five 5
OPPO Find X3 Pro 777229 192437 300378 137073 147341

For the Antutu consequences, I didn’t have a file of the OPPO Find X3 Pro and needed to use the legit outcomes off the Antutu website.

The new OPPO Find X5 Pro offers a mild boom in performance as compared to the preceding generation with an eight.4% distinction.

Then the Honor storms in advance with a end result 11% higher than the Find X5 Pro, placing the trend for the rest of the benchmarks.


  Chipset Single Core Multi Core
Honor Magic4 Pro Snapdragon eight Gen 1 1220 3569
Xiaomi Mi eleven Snapdragon 888 1139 3693
OnePlus nine Pro Snapdragon 888 1109 3487
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Exynos 2100 1079 3381
Google Pixel 6 Google Tensor 1042 2957
OPPO Find X5 Pro Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 976 3484
Asus ROG Phone 3
Snapdragon 865+ 975 3357
OPPO Find X3 Pro Snapdragon 888 928 3357
Realme X50 Pro Snapdragon 865 910 3205
Redmi K30 Ultra Dimensity one thousand+ 782 2890
Samsung Galaxy S20 Exynos 990 772 2590

Geekbench is comparable displaying the route the 2 brands have taken toward performance. The Honor has a massive unmarried core velocity with a 10% growth from last 12 months’s OnePlus 9 Pro.

The OPPO is tons more reserved, with a lower result than a number of closing 12 months’s telephones and most effective a five% boom over the X3 Pro.

The unmarried center end result at the Honor is pretty near the Redmagic 7, which shows they’re pushing the chipset to its limits.

Multi center consequences have remained largely static between generations.

3DMark Wildlife Stress Test

  Chipset Wild Life High Wild Life Low Stability
Honor Magic4 Pro Snapdragon eight Gen 1 10189 6445 63.3%
OPPO Find X5 Pro Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 9537 6060 sixty three.Five%
Pixel 6 Google Tensor 6908 3487 50.Five%
OnePlus 9 Pro Snapdragon 888 5775 3489 60.Three%
OPPO Find X3 Pro Snapdragon 888 5765 3804 66%
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Exynos 2100 5466 6404 sixty two.Three%
Xiaomi Mi eleven Snapdragon 888 5550 5045 90.Nine%
Realme GT Snapdragon 888 5850 3234 55.3%
Oppo Find X3 Neo Snapdragon 865 5038 4942 98.1%
OnePlus Nord 2 Dimensity 1200 4161 2932 70.5%

Again, we see the OPPO taking a more reserved approach to overall performance. I would have notion this would have brought about stepped forward stability, with the telephone less probable to attain top temperatures, but this isn’t always the case.

Again, the Honor pushes matters to the restrict and has a higher top result than the gaming focussed Redmagic 7. However, with no energetic cooling, it can not preserve this score for long and has a much decrease balance rating.

With each the OPPO and Honor, there’s a significant overall performance growth from the previous Snapdradragon 888. Comparing the X3 Pro to the X5 Pro, you’ve got a 65% uplift within the excessive rating, with the low rating being higher than the high score on the X3 Pro.

Stability remains approximately the same among generations, it’s far most effective the Pixel 6 with its Tensor chipset that goes extensively lower.

PCMark Work 2.Zero & Battery Life

  Performance Score Work 2.Zero Battery
Honor Magic4 Pro 14670 10h 32 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Exynos 2100
13638 12h 46min
OPPO Find X3 Pro 11932 nine hours
OnePlus 9 Pro
11924 8h 29min
OPPO Find X5 Pro 10801 11h 32 mins
Xiaomi Mi eleven 10175 9h 35min

PCMark continually has peculiar results as it’s miles dependent on how a company sets frequencies for sure responsibilities. Some brands additionally dial returned performance when going for walks the battery take a look at.

In this case, OPPO has once more taken a greater reserved method and scores lower than its predecessor. However, the benefit of this is a massive boom in its battery performance.

The OPPO does especially nicely for the battery considering it has this kind of high overall performance rating.

Power Saving Mode

After running the exams and in part scripting this up, I realised the OPPO appears to have energy saving on via default, and the Honor does not.

Once once more, the two phones deal with things pretty in a different way.

With the electricity saving mode disabled, the OPPO has a small uplift in performance. Antutu multiplied through simply 4.5% up to 880534, and the Geekbench unmarried-center result extended via simply 1.3% to 989.

Honor considerably dials down performance. The Geekbench dropped right down to 860 and 29% reduction. Similarly, the Antutu end result dropped all the way down to simply 737712, a 21% reduction.

Both telephones also have a performance mode, I failed to run the benchmarks on this mode, however for a quick evaluation, I examined Antutu:

  • OPPO Find X5 Pro expanded to 964477 (+14%)
  • Honor Magic4 Pro increased to 974703 (+3.Eight%)

I will rerun all of the different tests, along with the battery take a look at, over the next couple of days to peer how tons of a difference those settings make.

I anticipate the Honor will see a sizable growth in battery existence, and if that is the case, I pick this technique to the OPPO, which most effective sees a small distinction in overall performance.


I actually have tested 3 phones with the Snapdragon eight Gen 1 now, and each employer is taking a exceptional technique on the way to take care of this powerful chipset.

Early impressions of the Honor Magic4 Pro are very wonderful, it seems to provide an amazing balance of excessive overall performance and battery existence.

While the OPPO may seem less incredible, I personally favour performance over performance. Phones are so effective now I don’t really need them going full throttle for maximum matters, and I would quicker the telephone final all day without difficulty. For gaming, you can switch it to performance mode, which appears to carry up the overall performance to similar to the Honor.

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