Wi-Fi Extender Buying Guide – Pro & Cons vs Mesh Wi-Fi


I am now not virtually a fan of Wi-Fi extenders, they may be a chunk old skool and don’t offer the satisfactory performance. I have been a large fan of mesh Wi-Fi systems in the beyond few years and that is my normal recommendation.

However, you have to evaluate the fee vs reward. If there’s most effective a small part of your home that has negative Wi-Fi then it could be excessive to get a full mesh gadget. Also, existence is surprisingly luxurious in the meanwhile, spending loads of Wi-Fi tools might be now not a concern for plenty human beings.

Why Buy a Wi-Fi Extender – Benefits of an extender

The predominant advantages of Wi-Fi extenders are:

  • They are a good deal more inexpensive than mesh structures
  • Work with current routers
  • Effectively expand the variety of your property Wi-Fi – albeit no longer with the great overall performance

Mesh Vs Wi-Fi Extender

To reiterate, a mesh Wi-Fi system offers a great deal higher overall performance and if you could justify the cost I think they’re well well worth the investment. We are reliant on the Internet for such a lot of matters in our lifestyles, properly Wi-Fi coverage is an crucial service in my domestic.

Wi-Fi extenders hook up with your current wireless community and usually broadcast a brand new community call, blindly relay visitors returned on your wi-fi router. You can maintain the equal community call, but your device will conflict to interchange between router and extender intelligently. Similarly, with extraordinary SSIDs, you’re reliant in your device intelligently identifying when the sign is too susceptible to hook up with the router and as a substitute connect to the extender (you can get apps to enhance this overall performance).

Wi-Fi extenders are half duplex because of this they could’t ship and get hold of facts on the identical time, making them quite inefficient. This, therefore, approach that there’s a big drop off in Wi-Fi speeds and this could pretty likely drop to underneath what your Internet speed is.

A mesh system will commonly update the ISP router (you’ll probably still want to use that during modem mode), then you definately have satellites. The mesh machine is paired together, and they use a fixed of protocols that permit them to talk to each other and recognize wherein they’re in relation to each different and wherein the patron device (you) is in relation to each satellite. They will then intelligently switch you to the closest satellite tv for pc to make certain you can seamlessly roam around your property.

Dual-band mesh systems suffer from sign loss among satellites with the speeds usually losing through about 50%, but a terrific Wi-Fi 6 dual-band gadget can still hit speeds of 400Mbps via a satellite tv for pc (in my massive brick-constructed house) and that is lots faster than the rate of maximum Internet connections.

Powerline Alternative

I commenced scripting this guide because Wi-Fi extenders are more less expensive than mesh structures. But, there’s an opportunity. WiFi prepared powerline plugs. There are a few alternatives at a similar fee factor to WiFi extenders, and that they probably ought to provide better performance if the satisfactory of your property wiring is OK.

  • TP-Link TL-WPA7517 KIT. This has a great powerline spec with so-so Wi-fi that is 433Mbps on 5GHz & 300Mbps on 2.4GHz
  • TP-Link AV1300 for £ninety. This is more highly-priced than maximum/all extenders so it can defeat the factor of my post but it a properly specced powerline plug with WiFi.

The pleasant Wi-Fi Extenders

Finally, getting to the real Wi-Fi extenders. It is a bit of a dying marketplace, with mesh turning into so famous. Recently, companies like TP-Link and Netgear have launched devices which could paintings as an extender with 0.33 celebration routers, or will work as a mesh satellite with their personal well suited routers.

TP-Link RE550 or TP-Link RE650

These TP-Link extenders are about as exact as you could get for a Wi-Fi extender, priced at £forty and £60, respectively.

The RE550 can do 600Mbps on 2.4GHz + 1300Mbps on 5GHz. It has three external antennae to get the exceptional sign possible.

They work with any router, however they may be additionally well suited with TP-Link OneMesh. So if you improve your router at a later date to something like the Archer A9, the extenders can paintings seamlessly as a proper mesh device.

TP-Link RE300 or TP-Link RE330


TP-Link AC1200 Mesh Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender,…

  • Extends dual-band Wi-Fi across your home to…
  • Creates a Mesh community through connecting to a OneMesh…
  • Operates over both the two.4 GHz band (three hundred Mbps) and…
  • Smart signal indicator allows to fi­nd the nice…

I’d say those are the first-rate low cost alternative, it is essentially the same as the above , just slower. It also can act as a mesh device with OneMesh compatible TP-Link routers.

The difference among the RE300 and RE330 is that the RE330 has an ethernet port that you may twine a tool AC2200 EX7700″ data-aawp-geotargeting=”true” data-aawp-click-tracking=”title”>


The Netgear EX7700 should be the excellent appearing choice of these kinds of. I’d have listed it first, but at close to £eighty, it’s far getting close to the charge of a reasonably-priced mesh machine.

This is precise compared to the TP-Link options, it claims to have clever roaming permitting it to preserve the same Wi-Fi call throughout your house. It then has a tri-band radio, with the 0.33 band being devoted to the wi-fi verbal exchange lower back to the router.

In theory, this have to come up with a comparable revel in to a mesh gadget.

Cheap Wi-Fi Extenders

Normally you may select up random Chinese manufacturers on Amazon for high-quality value for money in comparison to huge logo names. In this example, I am struggling to discover whatever I’d propose over the TP-Link RE300, it’s a good buy for a chunk over £20.

There are some cheaper options, I even have even seen the Mercusys MW300RE for under a tenner, however most of these cheap options are limited to 2.4Ghz 300Mbps Wi-Fi and the overall performance will in all likelihood be terrible. I’d say these are most effective well worth it if you have a smart domestic device (like an Echo Dot) in an area without a Wi-Fi.

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