Nothing Launcher Review – Initial Impressions & How to Install. Comparison vs Pixel 6 Launcher & Nova


If you notion the Nothing ear (1) advertising campaign changed into annoying, then you definitely are going to be in for a awful time with the Nothing cellphone (1).

Most companies preserve things quiet till a few months or weeks out from release, and then things “accidentally” start leaking.

Not Nothing, they’ll be sending out weekly news objects for months in advance, revealing the smallest of tidbits approximately the approaching phone.

The first is the release of Nothing Launcher (Beta). This is supposed to provide us a taste of Nothing OS.

Nothing Launcher (Beta) we could Android users preview the unified layout language of the OS, and has features like: Max Icons and Max Folders, bespoke Clock & Weather widgets and Nothing Wallpaper & Style.

Sounds astonishing. In fact, it appears like a similar to the Pixel launcher with features removed.

Phones well suited with Nothing Launcher (Beta)

At the instant, there are a small quantity of telephones that could run Nothing Launcher (Beta):

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 collection
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 collection
  • Google Pixel 5 / 5a
  • Pixel 6 / 6 Pro

Ironically, Carl Pei’s former enterprise OnePlus, is not supported yet, however is coming soon.

How to install Nothing Launcher (Beta) at the Pixel 6

I have been the use of the same old Pixel launcher due to the fact I got my Pixel 6, and it wasn’t without delay obvious the way to transfer launchers. With gestures, there is no home button which would normally bring up the home launcher choice.

Unlike Nova, there’s no app or whatever in your draw, and whilst you installation it, you can click open from the Play Store.

It is simple enough to do, even though:


The stand out function of the Nothing Launcher is the dearth of features. It is Beta software program, even though. It does not feel like a exceptional deal of labor has been accomplished to get it here. It is largely simply the stock/Pixel launcher with some minor tweaks and a bunch of stuff removed. If it wasn’t for the change of the wallpaper, you might suppose the launcher hasn’t changed in any respect.

It feels snappy, it is smooth to use, and I even have not determined it glitchy, which are perhaps the most critical capabilities of a launcher.

You have simply three custom widgets. Analogue and digital time then a weather widget. These all have the Nothing fashion branding. At first, I idea I turned into inspired with how quick it turned into to find a widget but then I realised the widget menu is basically equal to the Pixel launcher.

The simplest other characteristic I can consider is the capacity to resize app icons. A long hold at the icon brings up extra options, and you can click on the increase icon length, which quadruples the size. It appears a piece dumb to me, but it is probably useful for a person that struggles with small icons.

You also can enlarge folders. I can see a piece extra use with this one. The first 3 apps you upload can be launched via at once clicking on them. The backside left corner of the folder then businesses up all of the different apps, whilst you click on in this, it opens up the whole app folder. For me, I actually have a clever domestic folder, but there are probable 2 or 3 primary apps inside this folder that I use frequently. This might offer quicker get right of entry to. Of route, on a ordinary launcher, I may want to have the ones 3 apps out of doors of the folder, so it is not a large distinction.

The is a woeful loss of settings and customisation inside the home settings. Again, this is probably simply due to the fact it is beta software program. Nova has the alternative trouble, I assume there are probably too many settings, even though I do love tweaking things.

Currently, there’s no Google Now integration.

Finally, the app drawer is equal to the Pixel. Which is not a bad issue, it is simple and it really works.


I assume I am largely indifferent to launchers in wellknown. I use so many phones that it doesn’t make that tons distinction if I am the usage of Android 12 at the Pixel, OxygenOS, ColorOS, MIUI or anything else. I even find Redmagic five.0 bearable, in contrast to many users.

Therefore I have no specifically sturdy feelings closer to the Nothing Launcher. It feels snappy, and the general person experience doesn’t feel that extraordinary to the Pixel launcher, which I guess is a superb factor however hardly modern.

The best problem I had with it was the bizarre UI for casting off widgets and accessing their settings; the icons are barely readable.  Its nearly the same as the Pixel 6 UI, but it’s far somehow worse. I assume its just the darkish blue textual content in opposition to that Nothing wallpaper.

There is not really a whole lot else occurring with it. Having the option to growth an app icon length feels a chunk unnecessary to me; it may be perhaps useful from a few usability perspective, even though.

The 3 Nothing Launcher widgets are by and large forgettable for me. It’s just time and weather with some Nothing branding. I’d like a complete-width widget with each time and weather.

I may come upon as being overly harsh, however it seems like the Play Store reviews agree with me, and Reddit doesn’t seem particularly impressed both.

This is, of route, beta software program, and it’ll enhance loads before the release of the Nothing cellphone (1).

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